Through its Clean Heating and Cooling program, MassCEC offers rebates of up to $12,000, based on system size, to eligible homeowners who install qualifying central wood pellet heating systems, which operate like traditional oil boilers or furnaces, but run on wood pellets made from materials like compacted sawdust. Home owners and residents interested in central wood pellet heating systems for their homes can contact us @ 781-308-8583 to learn more about our technology, then work with us to determine if a system would work in their home. We will work with home owners to determine eligibility for rebates, as well as navigate the application process. All applications must be submitted and approved by MassCEC before the installation process begins to be eligible for a rebate.

Some of the requirements are:

- Applicants must be owners of residential properties - single family homes and up to four unit apartment buildings.

- Project sites must be occupied year-round.

- Project sites must be served by one of the following electric utilities: National Grid, NSTAR, Unitil (Fitchburg Gas and Electric), WMECO, or one of the following Municipal Lighting Plants: Ashburnham, Holden, Holyoke, Russell, or Templeton.

- The rebate may be combined with any other local, state or federal incentive and applicants are encouraged to do so where possible.

- The system must have a bulk pellet storage unit of at least 3 tons or greater that automatically supplies the boiler or furnace by pneumatic hose

There is no mention of income or property value in the program outline so it appears that any Massachusetts resident is eligible. They do not require that an energy audit of your home is done but you need to schedule one

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